Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Time.

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What are some of your most important resources in life?

  • Money
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Mind
  • Attitude
  • Energy
  • Time
  • Your Abilities
  • Talents
  • Knowledge
  • Emotions
  • Experiences

Is Chaos In Your Life A Choice?

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“Things drift towards chaos, not order.”

Why is this…

I'm The Wrong Person To Talk To About Soldiers

Someone showed this picture to me the other day and told me how appalled they were.

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Most Effective Way To Overcome Grammar Problems

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Recently I had two conversations.

One was with Elizabeth Y. Hanson.

One was with another lady I know who is very close to me.

Both of these discussions were about Grammar.

What Can You Learn From Your Crazy Friend?

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That’s right, you know the one I’m talking about.

It’s that one friend who doesn’t seem to have any boundaries. That one friend who is annoying and you are often ashamed to be seen in public with.

Yep that’s the one I want to talk about today.

Communication Styles That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

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Over the last little while, I’ve been noticing more and more that are really two types of people in the world today when it comes to communication.

How The Word “No” Is Your Greatest Weapon Against Bad People

yelling man
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Have you ever been in this situation before…

Someone is angry with you or upset at something you’ve done or that they perceive you’ve done and they proceed to start talking down to you and telling you everything you’ve done wrong not only in this situation but since the beginning of time basically.

As you try to comment back or get a word in edgewise they escalate their voice and continue to try and talk over you.