Stop Apologizing So Much

Why are you always "Apologizing"?

I read a great article on by Aimee Lutkin yesterday about this very topic, and it got me thinking...

What Is Your Political Style?

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Today we are going to talk about (4) different political styles.

These styles are also listed in the book that we are reviewing right now, that book is "The Secret Handshake".

Lets first list the styles, then we will give you a brief description of each style. 

Miss Sloane

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We took a break last week...

Did you miss us?

We hope you did and now we're back at it this week with a new post.

This week we are going to talk a little bit about a movie we saw this last week.

The name of the movie is Miss Sloane.

Have you seen it?

Politics Is An Illegitimate Means To Getting Things Done

As we have been reading more in "The Secret Handshake" this week this quote from the book jumped out at us. 

We can't really say it jumped out as much as it's something we read and it just sat in the back of our minds eating away until we finally couldn't ignore it anymore.

Do You Have To Play Politics To Have Power?

In the new book we’ve just started Tom Peter’s makes this statement:

“If you do not LOVE politics…  then you will accomplish damn little.  Politics, after all, is the “messy process of getting stuff done”.

Memorial Day

We thought on this very special day we would make a post about Memorial Day.

We know this isn't our normal kind of post here on this site but seeing as how our leader is a Veteran we thought it only fitting that we honor him this day with a quick post.

Here are some interesting facts about Memorial Day that you might not know: 

The Secret Handshake

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Okay... So we finished the book by Gene Simmons titled "On Power".

What a great book that was!!

As you can see from all of the posts we have already written this year there was a lot of good information in that book to share with you guys. 

The crazy thing is we didn't even share all of it with you guys.