Communication Styles That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

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Over the last little while, I’ve been noticing more and more that are really two types of people in the world today when it comes to communication.

How The Word “No” Is Your Greatest Weapon Against Bad People

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Have you ever been in this situation before…

Someone is angry with you or upset at something you’ve done or that they perceive you’ve done and they proceed to start talking down to you and telling you everything you’ve done wrong not only in this situation but since the beginning of time basically.

As you try to comment back or get a word in edgewise they escalate their voice and continue to try and talk over you.

Right, Wrong, Or Is It Just Your Opinion?

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I read a post the other day by Darius Foroux a writer on Medium and he brought up a really great point.

How Staying In Bed Could Change Your Life

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What do you do when the alarm goes off in the morning?
  • Do you lay in bed and push the snooze button?
  • Do you lay in bed and talk to yourself and say I should really get up?
  • Do you lay in bed and wish you didn’t have responsibilities?
  • Do you lay in bed and tell yourself just 10 more minutes?
  • Do you lay in bed and think man my life sucks I should just stay asleep and everything will be okay?
  • Do you lay in bed and wish someone was laying next to you?
  • Do you lay in bed and wish someone was bringing you coffee and the paper?
  • Do you lay in bed and think why should I even get up today, what’s the point?

What You Think You Need, Might Not Be What You Really Need

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The other day I was sitting in my car driving at a very slow pace in traffic.

It was about 95 degrees outside and the humidity was about 95%.

To say it was hot is an understatement.

You Better Get Permission To Read This?

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Why is it that everyone in life is waiting for permission to live their life?

Everywhere I look I see people just drifting along through life waiting for someone to tell them it’s okay to live.

If You Lack Self Confidence, Think About This…

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Today what I want to talk to you about are two things:
  1. Self Confidence
  2. Value