Do You Have It All Figured Out?

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I was talking to someone the other day and I thought to myself “Man they got it all figured out.”

They went on and on about everything they’ve done in their life.

Everything they have experienced.

All of the traveling and places they have been.

This Song Changed My Life

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One of my favorite songs of all times is called “This Is Now” by Jamey Jasta

Why Do People Think They’re So Special?

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Do you think:
  • That world revolves around you.
  • That you are owed things in life.
  • That your needs rise above everyone else’s.
  • That your crap don’t stink.
  • That you can just say or do anything you want without consequences.
  • Did someone tell you your whole life that you’re “Special” so now you believe them?
  • Did someone cater to your every want and desire up until today.
  • Do you walk on top of the puddles in the parking lot when it rains outside.
  • Do you expect special treatment because you feel you don’t pick up things as fast as other people do?
  • Do you think your special because if your feelings get hurt then everyone needs to bow down to you and kiss your a$$ to make it better?

I’m Not Putting Up With Your Crap Anymore

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This is going to be short and to the point today.

I don’t think the concept we are going to talk about today is very hard to understand.

It may be hard to accept or to implement, but it’s not hard to understand.

Is Your Mouth Or Attitude Holding You Back?

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What are the two biggest things that will get you in trouble the quickest in life?
  • Your Mouth
  • Your Attitude
I doubt either of these is a surprise to anyone.

I Think Jim Rohn Was Wrong.

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Have you ever heard the quote below?
“You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With” — Jim Rohn
If I can be completely honest with you I am so tired of hearing this quote.

Quit Being An “Askhole”.

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Don’t look at me all funny. You know exactly what that title means.
And just for the sake of that one person out there who doesn’t have any idea of what an “Askhole” is, here is the definition: