A.I. Section On Website

(Picture by www.techrepublic.com)

We're adding a new section on the website called the "A.I." section.

This section will be for the Schenk Org A.I. team to share their research and finding with everyone.

In case you are interested in checking this section out the Schenk Org A.I. team is currently focused on:

  • Tech - How A.I. is changing Tech. (Special Focus: within Tech will also be Security and how A.I. will effect it or change it.)
  • Healthcare - How A.I. is changing Healthcare.
  • Financial - How A.I. is changing the Financial world. (Special Focus: within Financial will be the Stock Market and how A.I. is effecting it or changing it.)
  • Big Data - How A.I. is using and changing Big Data. (Special Focus: will be how A.I. is using Big Data to Learn and Grow.)

So if any of these areas are of interest to you we'd would love for you to follow along and to leave any comments you might want to share.

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