Ideas: How can Social Media Profiling Be Used for Good?

Picture originally used by Forbes.

Today's Topic is "How can Social Media Profiling Be Used for Good?"

  1. By Journalists: To find new sources for real time news.
  2. By Healthcare: To find people who are more susceptible to medical problems.
  3. By Law Enforcement: To find out who is more likely to commit a crime.
  4. By the Government: Looking for and combating Terrorism.
  5. For Dating: To find a good spouse.
  6. By Businesses: To find the perfect customers for their products or services.
  7. By Non-Profits: To find and target the biggest donors.
  8. By Politicians: To find the people that will likely align with their agenda and platform.
  9. By Finance: To find the people with a certain amount of money to invest.
  10. By the Military: To find potential threats abroad and to be able to react pro-actively to these threats, instead of always having to react to threats and the fall out afterwards.
If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.


The Schenk Organization Team