Do You Want To Change The World?

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It's getting close to the end of the year and I wanted to give you something that I hope will help you.

So I wanted to leave you guys with something I’ve never shared with anyone else before.
This is my Life Mission Plan.

I have my plan broken down into 4 major areas:
  • Philanthropy — (This is the end state where I hope to be able to do the most good.)
  • Time — (This is a building block.)
  • People — (This is a building block.)
  • Learning — (This is a building block.)

Now let me break each of these areas down for you so you can understand why I’ve selected each one.


I realize this is my most valuable resource because once I spend it I can never get any more of it.

So how I go about spending my time is very important to me.

To help me spend my time the best that I can to help me achieve my final goal I ask myself these questions:
  • How am I spending my time?
  • Who am I spending my time with?
  • What am I spending my time doing?

I take my answers to these questions and see if they align with my end state. If it does then I invest the time. If it doesn’t then I try to find something else to spend my time on that will help me achieve my end state.

You’ll notice on my diagram “Time” is in a circle. I had quite the challenge as to whether I should put the time in a circle or if I should just use a straight line with a beginning point and an endpoint. Seeing as how time is linear in our lives.

But you know what… I figured out a way to get beyond time as a barrier.

I choose to use the circle for this singular reason:

If I’m able to touch one persons life or influence one person's life for the better while I am here then I choose to believe that my time here was worth something.

Also if that person can help others through their life or the influence that I left while I was here has influenced someone else’s life then I choose to believe that my time here is still going.

Influence > Time


Who we choose to associate with and how we choose to associate with them is very important.

For this reason I ask myself these questions when I choose the people I allow to be in my life.
  • Who am I spending time with?
  • Who am I adding to my inner-circle?
  • What is this person adding to my life?

On my diagram, I put “People” in a circle because I believe people are always coming and going in our lives. Sure there are those that will stay and become life long friends, but generally speaking, people come and go in our lives as our lives change and we go through different cycles and stages of life.

This is a natural order of things.


Learning is a continuous and never-ending cycle. If you feel you have learned everything there is to learn in life, but you are either dead or you're just plain dumb.

You will never stop learning in this life. Period.

Accept it, Embrace it, Love it.

If we aren’t always looking to learn something new you are already dead in that thing you call a body.

Some of the questions I ask myself when it comes to what I’m learning or choosing to learn are:
  • What am I learning?
  • How am I learning?
  • Will, what I am learning better my life or the life of others?
On my diagram, I put “Learning” in a circle because I believe we never stop learning in life. Just like there is no end to a circle there is no end to our learning.


This is the end state I working to achieve.

This is the state where I think I can do the most good for people and the world as a whole.

This is the question I ask myself:
  • How will I use my Time, the People I know, and the things I’ve Learned to help other people or the world around me.

The reason I put Philanthropy in the middle of the diagram and in a box is that this is where I want to be. This is where all of the building blocks I work on daily are coming to a point.

This is why Philanthropy is my overall Life Mission.

To me, this is the pinnacle of what I hope to achieve in my life.

So now you know what drives me and makes me tick.

I hope in some way this post has helped you, and I hope that this might inspire you to develop your own Life Mission Plan.

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