Stop Rushing

It's interesting to me that this week the line is about "Stop Rushing".

It seems to be a theme that I've kept bouncing into over the last little while.

Know When To Let Go

Here is the second line...

"Know when to let go and when to hold on tight."

It's been my experience throughout the years that is something that is easy to say, but not necessarily easy to do.

Do The Things You Used To Talk About...

Over the next several weeks I'm going to be dissecting a poem that has had an impact on my life.

It's not a long poem, and it's not that in-depth or hard to understand, but the points it brings up will change your life if you choose to apply them.

Merry Christmas

Since today is Christmas I wanted to keep my post short and to the point so that you can spend as much time with your families and friends as possible.

Do You Want To Change The World?

(Picture by

It's getting close to the end of the year and I wanted to give you something that I hope will help you.

So I wanted to leave you guys with something I’ve never shared with anyone else before.

What I learned When I Spent An Hour With Anthony Huey

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A little while ago I went to a conference and the Keynote speaker who started the conference off was a “Communication Consultant”.

I have to admit my initial thoughts were what the heck is a Communication Consultant doing at an I.T. conference? and what can this guy possibly have that’s of value to I.T. folks?

The Small Things…

The other night I was driving to a friends home to have dinner and to spend some time catching up with them when I came across this beautiful sunset that you see in the picture above.

And it got me thinking…