Here’s The True Secret To Making Other People Happy

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Are you a person who just wants peace in your life at all times?

Are you a person who wants other people to be happy with you?

What I Wish Everyone Knew About The Fear Of Silence

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What do you do at night when you sit alone in the darkness and the demons come…

This is a question that most people don’t like to answer. Let alone want to think about.

How Patience Is Going To Change Your Life

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It always starts with this is what I want…


This is what I need…

But 99% of the people who make those two statements never get what they want or what they need.

How To End Doubt In Your Life

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“Last night I went where dreams go to die…” — Jamey Jasta

Do you know where that place is?

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Things You Don't Know About Having A Balanced Life.

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How many times have you heard people telling you that you need to have more balance:
  • In your life.
  • In your work.
  • In your family.
  • In your relationship.
  • In your meals.
  • Etc…

Never Mess With “Entitlement” And Here’s The Reasons Why

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Why do so many people feel so entitled today?

This is a question that’s been rolling around in my head for quite a while now.

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Being A Martyr

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Are you a Martyr?

  • Do you try to be a Martyr because that is the way you try to keep peace in hostile situations or around hostile people?
  • Do you try to be a Martyr because that is the way you were raised to deal with problems?