What's Your Social Media Strategy?

Someone asked me the other day...

"What is your strategy for Social Media and how do you use the various platforms?"

Words... Do They Really Matter?


In this day and age, I often wonder if there is any value to words anymore.

It seems today that people think words are just pointless and something to just be thrown around and used however they see fit.

But, is that the truth?

Right, Wrong, Or Is It Just Your Opinion?


(picture by istock.com)

I wanted to share this post I did on Medium a while ago with everyone this week because I think it is still very relevant to what we are seeing and dealing with today in our society. 

I hope you enjoy that post.

I read a post the other day by Darius Foroux a writer on Medium and he brought up some really great points.

If You Think It, Can You Really Achieve It?


Have you ever heard this...

"If You Think It, You Can Achieve It."

I've heard that phrase many times and that exact phrase is what I want to talk to you about today.

Who's More Ungrateful?


I've been noticing a lot of ungrateful people and things floating around social media as of late.

But not only social media, but just in the world, in general, today there seem to be a lot more people who are just plain ungrateful.

Do You Know What An Iconoclast Is?


The other day I was reading one of the books I selected for my 52-week reading challenge (Renegade Thoughts by Matthew Goldfarb) this year when I came across a word I had never heard of before.