Ideas: How can Twitter be used in a Hospital Setting? Cont...

Today's Topic is "How can Twitter be used in a Hospital Setting?" Continued...

When we were talking about this topic previously we had so many ideas come up on this topic we thought we would share some more of our ideas with everyone.

  1. Polling patients to see which services they would like the hospital to offer.
  2. Polling the patients and families for satisfaction surveys about the hospital and it's services.
  3. Letting patients in the waiting room know if their appointment time has been moved up.
  4. Allowing families in the waiting room to know how things are going with surgeries that their loved ones are currently in.
  5. Letting patients know if there are any delays with their appointment so as not to waste the patients time.
  6. Spreading current wait times at different departments in the hospital so that patients can plan accordingly.
  7. Letting patients request information on services provided at the hospital.
  8. A way for patients to find physicians to service their exact needs and concerns.
  9. A way for patients to get additional help on their conditions or medications after they leave the hospital.
  10. A way for patients to get an estimate for any elective services they might need.
If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.