Ideas: 10 Questions for the Cloud...

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Today's Thought is "10 Questions for the "Cloud"... (Everyone wants to ask, but is afraid to ask.)

  1. Is it really secure?
  2. What happens to your data access if you loose your connection to the Internet?
  3. What are you doing with my data that's in the cloud?
  4. Who else is accessing my data?
  5. What does it take for the Government to get access to my data?
  6. What happens if the "Cloud" just goes away?
  7. Who came up with the "Cloud concept"?
  8. What are the Advantages / Disadvantages to keeping my data in the cloud vs. keeping it on my own network with my own storage devices?
  9. Who else am I sharing space with in the cloud?
  10. What happens if the "Cloud" get's hacked?
  11. (Bonus) - What is my ROI on a cloud solution vs. having my own in-house storage?

If you have any ideas or thoughts you'd like to share, please leave a comment.

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