7 Ways to Exude Confidence On Social Media

Guest Post by Alex Hamm

People are attracted to confident and charismatic people. I don't think that is any secret. Why do you think the confident kid in high school was the one who all the pretty girls were attracted to, or why the charismatic speakers and salesmen are the ones who make the most money in the real world?

It's like magic. Having the confidence to do what you know you need to do, and do it with assurance, is something that others like to see, and often times are jealous of.

The confident individuals in our world are the ones who move mountains, build successful companies, and tend to have the most fulfilling relationships. It's a simple formula... Confidence=Success (more or less).

But how do you convey confidence to more people in a day and age where it is possible to reach people without being with them face to face? The internet has completely changed how we operate, including how we do business. 

Many people have realized that conveying confidence over the internet and on social media takes more than just keeping your chin up and making strong eye contact. It takes more than just a strong vocal tone as well. No one can see those things over a tweet or Facebook status update.

Demonstrating your confidence over social media and hence attracting more people into your business and life takes a more strategic approach. 

Here are 7 ways that I use to demonstrate my adoring confidence over social media, and you can use them too!

1Have consistent values 

It may not seem like your true values can be seen over your social media, but over time people will get to know your personality and the things you value based on your posts. The articles and comments you tweet and post will start to show a pattern and people are going to start to see the types of things you care about. 
It doesn't really matter what your values are; it's more important to be consistent with those values so you can attract the right people long-term. Some people will love you, and some people will hate you. That's life and that's business. The worst thing you can do is try to please and serve everyone, because that will never work. Choose your audience and align your values with theirs.

2. Avoid drama

The last thing that a confident person does in the real world is get wrapped up in drama or gossip. They don't have time for that garbage. So why would they get involved in it over social media? If it's not a pleasant or productive chat, back away from the conversation. It's okay to have disagreements, and collaborate on opposing ideas, but keep it constructive. Don't bash other people's ideas just because they don't share your beliefs.
Respect everyone and expect respect from everyone else. You'll get the respect you deserve. 

3. Use videos 

One thing that is cool about the internet these days is that you can post videos of yourself. An easy way to demonstrate your confidence is to post a video of yourself speaking or talking about something you are passionate about. 
Start speaking about that red hot passion and let the energy within you flow through the video. People will love it and get a very attractive feel for you. 
Now it's important to make sure videos are properly edited and look clean and prestigious. They need to have the feel that you want to portray to your audience. Don't post it if you are not comfortable with the image you are giving off of yourself. Hire a video editor if needed. 

4. Be active

Get into conversations with people. They won't be able to see your awesomeness if you don't actually talk to them! So incorporate social media into your life to some extent. 
Don't get wrapped up in more social platforms than you can handle. Stick to the ones you know best and BE ACTIVE.

5. Don't be afraid to get into "disagreements"

Now hear me out on this one. It's important to stick to your values and beliefs. If someone is making comments that are contradicting what you are saying, be active and share with them what you really mean. If they disagree with you, tell them that you will have to agree to disagree. Don't get hostel, just make sure to stick to "YOU".
The last thing you want is to agree with everyone, because not everyone has the same values and ideas! You need to choose YOUR ideas, and people will respect the fact that you know what you want and are confidently sticking with your ideas.

6. Care about your brand image and the people 
    that follow you

This is probably the most important one. You have to genuinely care about the people you are communicating with. You should not only care about the image you are portraying of yourself, and make sure it's aligned with what you are looking to accomplish, but also consistently show your audience that you care about them. 
How do you do that? By doing all the previous things we talked about in this post. Be active, post quality content, and have consistent values and ideas so people can learn to love you.

7. Believe in yourself and your message

You have got to believe in what you are doing. You have to believe whole-heartedly in the message you're sending out to the world. Believe you are truly helping people, and you will do just that.
If you haven't convinced yourself completely that the message you are sharing with your audience and the world is worth while, then don't start posting anything yet. Take the time to really sell yourself on what you are doing.

* I just wanted to say "Thank You" to Alex for his great article.  As everyone can see, with this mindset Alex you are well on your way to achieving your goal of being a Billionaire by 35. It is an honor for me to share "You" and your ideas with our community.

"Big Al's" Bio:

Alex Hamm is a writer and entrepreneur who runs Attitudes4Innovation.com. He enjoys traveling, reading a variety of books, and is obsessed with granola bars.  His goal is to be a billionaire by the time he is 35. He prefers if you call him "Big Al".


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