7 Ways to Increase Your Influence & Skyrocket Your Sales

(I'd like to first say that I am very honored that Hector wanted to do a "Guest Post" on my site.  As most of my community knows I am just a normal guy with a normal company who's trying to help as many people as we can.  So when you have someone of Hector's caliber who wants to do a guest post it's really an honor.  

Hector and I (Chris Schenk) met online and our relationship has been growing every since. Some of you might of seen some of Hector's great motivation videos he makes on Facebook and YouTube.  Or maybe you've had the chance to read his new book (there is a link at the end of the post), but in case you haven't had a chance to meet and get to know Hector as of yet I hope this article will give you a little insight into the caliber of person he is and his mission in life.

I'm honored to call Hector Vasquez my friend and I (Chris Schenk) hope you will enjoy reading this post as much as I did.  

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In your business, have you ever thought about how you influence others? Influence may seem like a dirty word, but when used correctly, it can inspire and have a profound impact on others. 

Influential people leave imaginary fingerprints on the people they encounter. Whether customers, personal or business relationships, influencers have an inner conviction to create a vision that inspires others to work with them.

In the past, many people have used influence to manipulate others. Using manipulation for long-term success has proven fatal. Thanks to changes in our economy, consumers now demand value and transparency from businesses.

To an influencer the ideal market condition allows them the opportunity to share their labor of love, which the ardently pursue on a daily basis.

Practice these 7 tips to become an influencer who inspires and makes a difference.

1. Go Against the Status Quo

Influential people don’t operate within the status quo, they push the boundaries. 

There’s almost a classy disrespect for the conventional way of doing things. In this case, it’s not a sign of disrespect, but a continual hunger to improve.

2. Think Independently

Influential people don’t look for social consensus to make informed decisions, they form opinions based on facts. 

They’re not arrogant with taking advice and are open to embracing new ideas. Before making a change, influential people consider carefully without influence from the masses. 

3. Inspire Others

When influential people speak, they communicate in such a way that moves their audience to seek opportunity. They focus on hearing others out and making them part of a cause that has purpose. 

They are intentional about how they say things and motivate others to explore new ways and ideas of how to approach their work and daily activities.

4. Have a Bias for Action

Influential people don’t sit and wait for opportunities, they seek them out. They research new ideas and technology and consider what’s working best to serve others. They anticipate change so they don’t get side swiped by lack of knowledge. 

Though it is difficult to predict all change, influencers intentionally look for what’s coming so they can serve as a light to guide others, especially during challenging times. 

5. Understand The Power of a Network

Influential people make lasting connections. Not only do they purposely meet a lot of people, they get to know other people’s friends and connections as well. 

Their philosophy of adding value to everyone in their network is reflected by their outstanding reputation. They share their struggles and knowledge, and do research to create alliances that benefit their network.

6. Keep Their Power

When someone criticizes an influential person, they don’t react emotionally. They carry an internal emotional compass that allows them to respond with grace and strength. 

Influential people understand that positive energy is priceless and know that it must be protected to serve and nurture relationships. 

They choose to be responsible over reactive.

7. Are Visionary

Influential people always stretch towards possibility. They don’t settle for average because they know their potential and that of others. 

Influential people believe in their personal power to achieve and activate dreams. They set high standards that elevate their lives to a different level of growth and fulfillment. 

Start today and practice these 7 skills and you too will become an influencer who inspires others to believe, grow, buy, and to get behind what you do.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear if anything else has worked for you. 

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Until then, believe in you and shine brightly,

Hector A. Vasquez

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