I'd like to let everyone know about this great application I've been using its called Duolingo

Duolingo is a "Free" application you can install on your phone (or you can also go to the website) to help you learn another language. 

I've been using it on my phone for about the last month to refresh my German and I'm already back up to a 20% fluency. 

How great is that!! It's free and I'm learning a very valuable skill. 

The application itself is very user friendly. You can get all setup and logged in, in under 4 minutes. 

The user interface is great.  It's simple and direct. Not a lot of unneeded fluff. They also have a lot of great languages to choose from and they are constantly adding more to choose from. 

I'm really impressed with the learning engine behind the application. 

A lot of times you might get translating engine or picture engine where it shows you a picture and you have to tell it what it is, but that's not the case with Duolingo. 

In Duolingo you get pictures, text, listening, and speaking all in the same application. It gives you the full language submersion. 

Another feature I really like about Duolingo is you can select how much time you want to spend on the application daily and it will curtail your lessons to that time allotment. 

I said I wanted to do 15 minutes a day and that usually equates to about 3 lessons a day for me. 

So for the people who don't have a lot of free time there isn't really any more excuses as to why you can't learn another language. 

To put it into terms that the younger generation will relate too, you can learn a new language while your waiting in line at Starbucks for your Latte.  :)  (Only giving the younger people in my community a shout out. After all who doesn't enjoy a good Starbucks every now and then.)

Long and short of it is this, Thank You Tim Ferriss for turning me on to Duolingo. You've helped me refresh my love for languages, and Thank You to Duolingo for making it simple, easy, and fun to do. 

*Last but not least just in case you're wondering I am in no way affiliated with Duolingo, and I'm not being paid for this post. I just love the application and wanted to share it with others

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