Invoking Change

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I was listening to a Podcast today by James Altucher and he was talking to the author (Adam Grant) of a new book called the "Originals".

As I was listening I heard the author make this statement and it got me thinking.

"In order to invoke change you must either have power, or no power at all. You can't be in the middle and ever hope to make a change."

I thought to myself now that is a very interesting statement. It's not one I had ever thought about, or even considered so it got me thinking.

What does Power have to do with Change?

What does position have to do with change?

He went on to explain the following as it relates to making a change:
  • That the people who are in a position of power want change to happen because their names and reputations are on the line.
  • The people who are in the position of not having any power have nothing to loose and everything to gain if things change so they are willing to push for change.
  • But the people who are in the middle don't really have any gains or losses if the change happens. Thus it's easier for them not to push either one way or another.
This mindset was an awareness slap in the face for me. I'd never thought about it this way.

Just think if this statement is true or even half true how many things in life this could help explain.

Some of the things that are just off the top of my head are:

  • Politics
  • Big Business
  • Education
So what do you think about this statement?

If this statement holds true or even half true what are some of the things you think could be understood better with this statement?

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