It starts by looking at each other with nothing to say...

I read this quote the other day. 

"Silence terrifies people the most."

And my response is, why?

Have we really got to a place where we have so much interaction and constant stimulation that a moment of silence scares us?

Whatever happened to reading a book? 

Or sitting in a quiet place thinking and pondering our thoughts? Or ideas?

Are we really afraid of silence? Or are we just afraid to be still and quiet in a world that seems to always be moving and loud. 

Silence is simple. 

Is that the problem? We are always trying to make things more complex then they need to be?

I don't have all the answers, but I'd love to hear what you think about this quote. 

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  1. Our hospice Medical Director, Dr. Chris Pile, always talked about this very thing....the silence. He used to always say "Let the silence happen, and just listen." He was a wise and brilliant man when it came to meeting dying patients and their families where they are. Silence is uncomfortable sometimes.....but let it happen....and just listen.