#INoticed - A [Viral] 30 Day Social Challenge Experiment

With all of the Hate, Unkindness, Evil, and Killing going on right now I thought my community could use a "Positive" thing to focus on. 

So yesterday morning when I was driving to a client site "I Noticed" a policeman who had pulled over on the side of the road and was helping an elderly lady change a flat tire on her car.

I tweeted about what I saw (please see the tweet below) and decided you know what why don't "I" make a change. 

So I added the hashtag #INoticed to the bottom on my tweet. 

What I'm going to do for the next 30 days is I am going to find at least one "Positive" thing that "I" myself have witnessed and message about it.

I think its become so easy in our world today to see all of the bad things around us. Why aren't we taking the time to find the good or positive things in life anymore? 

What is wrong with us, that we have all just started accepting the "bad" things in life as the norm?

So today I decided to make a change!!

My challenge to everyone in my community or whoever reads this post is to join me on this 30 day social experiment and let's see how many "Positive" things we can find each day.  

Then let's shoot a quick message out into the world with the "#INoticed" hashtag so that we can all share in the positive things in this life.  That way were not always dwelling and concentrating on all of the bad things.  

Will this be hard to do? Could be... But honestly people what do we have to loose? 

Why not instead of always complaining and whining about all of the bad things in this world, don't we decide to see the positive and the good and let the rest of the world know about that instead?  

So for the next 30 days let's make the #INoticed hashtag go "Viral" on all the social media platforms that we can and let's spread some positive messages (instead of the negative messages) in this world. 

At the end of 30 days I'll do another post about the #INoticed challenge and let's see how we did in these three areas:

  1. How many social networks did we use to spread the #INoticed challenge message?
  2. How far around the world did the #INoticed challenge go?
  3. How did you participating in the #INoticed challenge change your outlook on life in 30 days? (leave me message in the comment section below)

I'm looking forward to reading all of your positive messages and for seeing and hearing all about the good things I know and believe still happen in this world. 

So now that this challenge has been laid out before you. 

Are you going to accept the challenge? 

Are you going to share this message with your community? 

Are you going to help this challenge go viral on social media? 

Are you going to start noticing and acknowledging the "good" things in this world?

The choice is yours... 

But only "YOU" can help make this world a better place, so let's do that together one small message at a time.

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