Is Your Mouth Or Attitude Holding You Back?

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What are the two biggest things that will get you in trouble the quickest in life?
  • Your Mouth
  • Your Attitude
I doubt either of these is a surprise to anyone.

If they are a surprise to you then “Your Welcome” there you go, mystery solved.
Why do you think I choose these two?
I know there are probably hundreds of things that can get you into trouble in your life, but I choose these two for a reason.
The reason is in my initial statement… “get you in trouble the quickest”.
Yes, we can all work hard each day to see how much trouble we can get ourselves in and sometimes people do it just for fun.
But if you want to take your “getting into trouble” to the Pro level in the shortest amount of time possible, then do the two things I mentioned above.
It’s always personally amazed me at how most people today don’t keep either of those two things in check.

When I think of both of these things I remember something that a very wise person once told me that has stuck with me ever since:
“You are always free to make your decision to do anything you want, but what you aren’t free to do is decide what the consequences of your decision will be.”

So if you open your mouth to spew some kind of trash from it, or to discourage or tear someone down then don’t be surprised if you receive a negative consequence for your actions.

Likewise, if your attitude is one of destruction and torture to others, don’t expect a positive consequence to your actions.

If nothing else in life keeps you in check when you go to do something you think might be bad. Keep the fact that you don’t get to choose your consequences foremost in your mind.
If you do it, be ready and willing to own it.
Maybe that will help you keep yourself in check a little more often.
With this all being said there is still a little secret that can help you stay out of trouble with both of these things.
Do you want to know what it is?
It’s one simple thing…


If you listen, ponder, then open your mouth to respond I guarantee 98% of the time you will be okay with opening your mouth.

If you listen, ponder, then react to a situation I can guarantee that 98% of the time your actions and your attitude will be in a much more positive light.

So often in today’s world, we have lost this ability.
We think we should be heard all of the time. That’s not necessarily always the case.
Listening is a tool.
Listening gives you that small barrier between acting on your emotions, and/or helping you to remove your emotions from the equation and acting from a more grounded and stable place.
Listening can help you build a better life, a more engaged life, and a more positive and fulfilling life.
Hopefully, as you’ve been reading this post you can see how something as simple as “Listening” can have such a profound impact on your life.

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