Do You Have It All Figured Out?

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I was talking to someone the other day and I thought to myself “Man they got it all figured out.”

They went on and on about everything they’ve done in their life.

Everything they have experienced.

All of the traveling and places they have been.

It was like a total Instagram conversation.

Everything seemed perfect. It’s obvious I was getting the glossed over (perfect) life.

  • Did it look good? You know it did.
  • Was it pretty? You know it was.
  • Do I believe it? Not for a second.
Let me let you in on a secret my friends…

I don’t care who you are, you could be the President of the United States, a Fortune 5 CEO, the head of the biggest Non-Profit on earth, the most beautiful supermodel, really anyone on this planet.


No one and I repeat no one knows where they will end up in life.

Can we plan and work towards a place we want to end up in life? Yes.

Can we guarantee we will end up where we think we’re heading? No.

There is only one real guarantee in life… We will die one day.

Everything else is open and free-flowing.

That’s why when people say they failed at something I always ask them “Are you sure you failed?”

Did you actually fail?

Can you actually fail in life?

If nothing is guaranteed in life (except your will die) can you ever really fail in life?

Everything we go through in life and every decision we make in life is all about how we perceive the details that are being presented to us at any given point in time.

So why are people so hung up on failing?

Why are people so hung up on being perfect?

You can’t really ever be perfect and as I have shown here failure is open to how you perceive it so how could you ever really be either of these things?

If you can’t be either of these things then why are you worried about them?

Why are you spending brain cycles, anxiety, stress, grief, all of the other feelings you might be feeling on these things if really there is no way to achieve them in life.

Cut it out!!


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Help yourself, work on changing your mindset, open your eyes and look around, better yet open your mind and look inside yourself that’s where you're going to find the real answers to these questions.

So the next time you think someone got it all worked out, or someone tells you they have it all worked out just look at them, smile and know they are full of S#$%.

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