Why Do People Think They’re So Special?

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Do you think:
  • That world revolves around you.
  • That you are owed things in life.
  • That your needs rise above everyone else’s.
  • That your crap don’t stink.
  • That you can just say or do anything you want without consequences.
  • Did someone tell you your whole life that you’re “Special” so now you believe them?
  • Did someone cater to your every want and desire up until today.
  • Do you walk on top of the puddles in the parking lot when it rains outside.
  • Do you expect special treatment because you feel you don’t pick up things as fast as other people do?
  • Do you think your special because if your feelings get hurt then everyone needs to bow down to you and kiss your a$$ to make it better?
I could go on and on, but I think you get my point here.

If you think any one of these things (or the million others that might be swimming around in your head right now)I mentioned above apply to you then please don’t let me know.

To be honest with you, YOU’RE NOT SPECIAL!!

You’re not any different than anyone else on this planet.

If you want something in life get off your a$$ and go get it.

The problem with people telling you that you’re special, or catering to you your whole life is that you start feeling “Entitled”.

Entitlement is a cancer.

Entitlement will eat you from the inside. 

When it shows it’s disgusting face, everyone will know there is no hope for you anymore.


Here’s a little secret about feeling and being special…

If you don’t want to be seen this way then try being humble for a change.

Try owning your mistakes in life.

Try being gracious when someone gives you a compliment.

Instead of thinking you’re better than other people, realize you’re not and accept that “You” are one of a community.

That’s right you’re one of a community.

Get in there with everyone else and put forth the effort to get to know people.

Put forth the effort to learn from other people.

Let them learn from you.

Share your knowledge and experiences with others.

Don’t act like you’re better than them because you went to a fancy school, have your MBA, or toured Europe for a year right after college.

Guess what… You’re Not Special!!

Sure, you’ve been given different opportunities than others, but that doesn’t make you special. If anything it should make you thankful that you’ve had those experiences.

Don’t hold things over others to try and make yourself seem higher than them.

Share your experiences with others.

Try to make everyone around you better in some way for knowing you and for having you in their life.

This, my friends, is one of the true secrets of life.

If you’re not sharing your knowledge and experiences with others, then why are you here?

What is your real purpose in this life?

Contrary to popular belief, your life is not about self-gratification 24/7/365.

Your purpose should be to leave this life and the people in your life better than they were before.

The main way you can do that realizes that you’re not special.

You may have gifts and talents in this life, but use those to make the lives of others better.

Sometimes it is as easy as:
  • a smile.
  • a hug.
  • a kiss.
  • say, “Good Morning.”
  • a handshake.
  • give a sincere compliment.
  • listening.
  • looking them in the eye to share a special moment with them.
  • putting your arm around someone and tell them it’s all going to be okay.
  • sitting down to a meal with someone to talk.
  • spending time with someone.
  • watching a movie together.
  • walking the dog together.
  • talking ‘till the wee hours in the morning, just because they need someone to talk to.

This list could go on and on, but once you start doing a few of these things for people, more things will come to you naturally.

In time, you’ll start doing these things when you encounter other people. This will make the feeling of you being so special, fade away.

What would this life be like if more people realized they were part of a community instead of only looking out for themselves?

I’m not sure I can answer that fully, but I do know this…

Why don’t we give it a try and find out together?

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