What I Wish Everyone Knew About The "Twisted Path"

(Picture by Jennifer Bunnett)

I was recently talking with someone and they made these statements:

"If only I could find my path in life…"

"If only I could find that special thing that I’m supposed to do to be on the right path in life…"

"Then my life would be in sync and everything would fall in place, and I would know what I am supposed to do, and where I’m supposed to go with my life…"

If only it was that neat and easy my friends.

Often time people think that life should be a straight line, that it should be easy to get from point A to point B.

After all, isn’t the shortest distance between two points a straight line?

I guess if you think about most of the guidance we are given when we are growing up we can see why we would think it should be a straight line.
  • You’re Born
  • You go to Elementary school.
  • You go to High School.
  • You go to college.
  • You get the career of your dreams.
  • You get married.
  • You have kids.
  • You work till you’re 65 years old.
  • You retire.
  • You spend your time with your spouse and kids.
  • You have “bliss” filled years.
  • You die.

But the reality my friends is that life and your path in life is anything but straight.

Your life is all about twists and turns and lines that might never head in a direction you thought they would.

You might start out at point A but who knows where your point B is going to be.

Your life will look a lot more like this picture then we would like to admit.

But the beauty of life is this, my friends….

(Below are the secrets just in case your skimming this post and just want the good stuff.)

You can find happiness right where you stand today.

You don’t have to go seeking happiness or even a path in life all you have to do is seek it out and you will find it.

The true secret is to seek your path and your happiness “Daily”.

As someone famous once said:

Learn from your PAST.

Hope for the FUTURE.

But always live for TODAY.

Your “Happiness” and your “Path” are always and will always be decided each and every day by the choices you make in the moments that you live.

The beauty of life will always be in the journey, it is very rarely if ever in the destinations we think are important or that we set for ourselves.

So make a choice today to live each moment of your life, and choose to be happy along the way.

This is the way of the “Twisted Path” my friends.

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