No Accidental Meetings In Life

I read a meme the other day and this is what it said...

"There Are No Accidental Meetings In Life."

And that got me to thinking...

I think so many times in life we are introduced to someone and we just say "Hi, how are you doing..." and then we move on and that's it.

Nothing... We don't even remember that person 30 minutes later.

When I say this I'm not accusing you the reader of only doing this I am at fault myself in the past.

I think about times I've been a conference, or concert, or stadium event, or even just a large gathering like a wedding or graduation and how many people I've been introduced to that I either just blew off or totally forgot about 30 minutes later.

(Now before I get a bunch of comments below about COVID-19 and the current pandemic, Yes I know and I am well aware that we aren't currently doing any large gatherings but for heck sakes, people stay with me here for a minute and get the meat of what I'm trying to say.)

If the statement above is true... Then I can only imagine how many people I've wasted.

I started pondering this statement and I asked myself...

"What is the value of the people who cross your path in life? Or the people you're introduced to in life?"

And I came up with six things I think could be the value of the people you meet in life depending on how you look at things.

(Yeah, Yeah, I know how you're thinking to yourself well come on then and spit them out I don't have all day to read this... But you know what just hold one to your pants for a minute I'm getting to it. You readers today are so impatient, and the attention span is almost gone as it is so at least give me a few minutes of your time to read this and hopefully get some value out of it.)

Here are the things I came up with and they are not in any particular order.

1. They crossed your path to teach you something.

2. They crossed your path so you could teach them something.

3. They crossed your path to help or support you in some way.

4. They crossed your path so you could help or support them in some way.

5. They crossed your path to show you a better way to live life.

6. They crossed your path to show you how not to live your life.

What do you guys think?

Did I miss some? Am I way off base?

Or, what are your thoughts on the ones I came up with?

By no means do I have all (or any) of the answers my friends but I do think it is always good for us to stop and ponder things.

Go back and re-read the initial quote and ponder for yourself then let me know what you come up with.

*If this post has brought you any value and you know of someone else who could get some value from this information please feel free to share it with them.

1 comment:

  1. All 6 ideas are correct
    The Lord puts people in your path to be there and where you need them - pay attention to them and decide what purpose they or you fill.
    Enjoyed the topic and ideas. Thanks