The Shocking Revelation of My Phrase For 2023.


What is the word or phrase that you are going to live by for this year?

I gave this a lot of thought and I decided on:

"What you tolerate now, will be your future."

It's pretty simple, but it has a lot of meaning.

In life, I think if we are not careful we will tolerate a lot of things that don't necessarily help us or bring any value to our lives.

I want to be more self-aware of those things this year and I'm making it my goal to stop tolerating or accepting the things that don't bring value to my life.

This is not a challenge that I take lightly upon myself. I feel it is probably something I should have done a long time ago.

What is your word or phrase for this year? And how do you plan to implement it in your life?


  1. Great post. This phrase is very true and definitely thought provoking.

  2. Loved the post and phrase. For me , the phrase that I’ve been trying to live by is “ may we stop seeing ourselves through the eyes of people who never really saw us.”.