Your Loved One Died. Why Do You Care Now?

I was recently talking to someone and they were telling me about how they had just lost a loved one.

It seems no matter who you are or what you do in the world this is something all of us will experience at least once in our lifetime.

I asked this person what their thoughts were about losing this person and they told me they were sad and upset because they will never get to see this person again or have any more time to spend with this person.

I asked this person two follow-up questions about what they said.

  1. How much did you see this person while they were alive?

  2. How much time did you spend with this person while they were alive?

To each of these questions, their answer was “not a lot”.

That made me think...

"If you didn't see this person a lot while they were alive or spend a lot of time with them, why are you sad and upset now?"

I know that is a callous question but while they were here it didn't seem like a big deal to you, but now that they are gone all of a sudden it's a big deal to you?

While they were here you could have gone and seen them. You could have gone and spent time with them, but for whatever reason, you chose not to. 

Now that they are gone you don't have that option anymore.

Maybe, what we need to do is start rethinking our options and our priorities a little differently in life.

So maybe ask yourself these questions the next time you think about someone who is in your life that you say you love.

  1. Why shouldn't I go see them?

  2. Why shouldn't I go spend some time with them?

Something tells me if you made that very small change in your own mindset that your life might be a little better.

Let me know your thoughts below. 

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