Ideas: How to Save Money in any Organization

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Today's Topic is "How to save money in any Organization".

  1. Use technology in new and innovative ways to help your business.
  2. Use technology to it's greatest capacities to cut down on other labor costs.
  3. Put an incentive program in place for people within the company to find cost saving ideas.
  4. Cut down on travel costs.
  5. Use more consultants and freelancers to do project work.
  6. Cut down on the amount of printing and printers you use and deploy within your organization.
  7. Make more products and services digital to cut down on your shipping costs.
  8. Turn off all nonessential devices if they aren't being used.
  9. Flatten out the management structure.
  10. Cut down on the corporate fleet of vehicles where possible. Do more ride sharing and utilize other options to get people to and from where they need to go.
If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.