Ideas: Things I'm Grateful for Continued...

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Today's Topic is "Things I'm Grateful for Continued..."

When I did the initial post on this topic I had more things I was Grateful for so I thought why not start out the New Year with some more things I am Grateful for?  So I did. 

  1. My business - I'm grateful that I am able to I am able to do something I love each and every day, and that it allows me to help people each and every day.
  2. My Health - I'm grateful that I am able to get up and work towards my goals each and every day.
  3. Books - I'm grateful for all of the things I have been able to learn and the teach myself through reading. 
  4. Time - Is our most valuable commodity. I am grateful for every minutes I'm allowed on this earth.  Never waste time, because you can never get it back.
  5. Learning - I'm grateful the ability to learn and for the ability to have an open mind to new ideas and concepts.
  6. Mentors - I'm grateful for all of the formal and informal mentors I've had in my life. Whether they know it or not they have taught so much.
  7. Challenges - If it wasn't for challenges in life we would never know what we are truly capable of accomplishing.
  8. Obstacles - Without things in our life to have to overcome and adapt to we would never know the true joy of reaching our goals.
  9. Friends - I think this one explains itself.  If you don't have some, get some.
  10. Military - I'm grateful each day for the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our country and to protect our freedoms.
If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.