Ideas: Social Media Profiling Advantages for Business

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Today's Topic is "Social Media Profiling Advantages for a Business".

  1. To find your competition.
  2. To find your "Brands" followers.
  3. To target Sales.
  4. To target Marketing.
  5. To craft communications.  Either to a very wide audience or to a very narrow audience.
  6. To send very specific information to a very select group or groups of people.
  7. To find a product need.  This can also mesh with "Growth Hacking" for the "Product Market Fit" methodology.
  8. To improve your Customer Service.
  9. To build more "Brand" trust among a wide audience, or over a very specific audience.
  10. Taking a Pro-Active Public Relations stance instead of always reacting to negative Public Relations.
If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.