Ideas: How to Make Hospitals More "Green"

Today's Topic is "How to make Hospitals more "Green"".

  1. Wind Turbine's for power.  In some locations this might be a viable solution to cut down on generator usage.
  2. Solar Power.  Depending on location and climate this might also be a viable solution to cut down on generator usage.
  3. Turning off all non essential devices at night, or when they aren't being used.
  4. Creating their own farms to supply food to the hospital that they in turn provide back to the patients and staff to eat.
  5. Regular generator maintenance and upgrades.
  6. Offer "Natural" or "Holistic" medicine departments and treatments in the hospital.
  7. Buy higher quality equipment and supplies to cut down on refresh cycles.
  8. Cut medical and bio waste however possible.
  9. Continuing hospital education to keep the "Green" culture at the front of everyone's mind.
  10. Offer an incentive program for anyone who comes up with a "Green" idea for the hospital, and an "Action" plan on how to make it work at the hospital.
If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.