10 People I'm Going to Get to Know and Help in 2015

10 People I'm Going to Get to Know Better and Help in 2015

Robert Greene - Love his books, and I love the way he looks at things. (Robert - If you ever need any help researching or just working on any of your upcoming books please let me know I would love to work with you.)

Ryan Holiday - Great books, he's taught me a lot about Growth Hacking, Marketing, and Stoicism.

John Lee Dumas - Great podcast called Entrepreneur on Fire. If you haven't checked out the podcast yet you need to.

James Altucher - Wrote a great book called "Choose Yourself", and he is a great disruptive thinker.

LaRae Quy - Former FBI special agent who is now using her talents and gifts to help people build a stronger mind.  Love your work LaRae!!

Warren Buffett - If you don't know Warren then you must of never read a newspaper in the last 20 years.  They don't call him the Oracle of Omaha for nothing. This man is a living legend in the Financial and Investing world.

Elon Musk - Great inventor and innovator.  If you ever used PayPal, heard of Space X, or driven a Telsa car you have this man to thank.

Richard Branson - If you ever heard of "Virgin" anything this is the man who started it all.  He has a great business mind and he has an even better lifestyle.

Barbara Corcoran - She is a Real Estate Mogul and one of the "Sharks" on Shark Tank. But besides all of that I love her attitude and her straight to the point no B.S. reality checks.

Gary Vaynerchuk - Love his style and his knowledge of the media and social media is amazing.  If you haven't read any of Gary's books you need to check them out.  P.S. - If you haven't seen any of the "Ask Gary" videos he puts out each week you need to check them out as well.

*And (5) more (bonus) people that I wanted to give a heads up to, that you are on my radar to reach out to and help in 2015.

Michael Hyatt - Is all about Leadership and "Platform" building.  (As a side note in case you are wondering why I put parentheses around Platform, that's because it is also the name of his book on that topic.  If you haven't read it yet, you should. Great book Michael.)

Lolly Daskal - Leadership is what Lolly is all about.  I have learned a lot from her Twitter feed alone. Also I like how she is a down to earth lady who tells it straight.

Kim Garst - When it comes to Social Media Kim is one of the best.  I love how personable Kim is and how she is always willing to help someone else out.

Dorie Clark - In the process of reading her books now. I like the way she thinks and her ideas are down to earth and actionable.  I like ideas like that.

Brad Meltzer - Great author, he is always making you think and his TV show "Decoded" was great to watch.  I've always liked finding out how things work and Brad always does a good job of showing you what's behind the curtain so to speak.