Ideas: How "You" Can Stand Out in a Crowd

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Today's Thought is "How "You" Can Stand Out in a Crowd".

  1. Hand written notes, letters, and "Thank You" cards.
  2. The way you dress for your niche.
  3. When you spray perfume or cologne on in the morning why not spray your business cards as well? Have you ever heard that saying, when I smell that smell it takes me back to... Why not put that to work for you?
  4. The way you think.
  5. The way you lead.
  6. Video "Thank You's" instead of just a plain old email.
  7. Providing excellent Customer Service.
  8. Your ideas.
  9. Your outlook on life.
  10. Making connections within your diverse community of friends.
If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.