Ideas: Other Uses for an Old Vehicle

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Today's Thought is "Other Uses for an Old Vehicle".

  1. Donate it to an organization who needs a vehicle.
  2. Tear it down and sell of the parts.
  3. Recycle the metals, plastics, and anything else that can be recycled.
  4. Donate it to a museum.
  5. Sell it to a collector.
  6. Give it to a kid who just turned 16 to rebuild and to use as their own mode of transportation.
  7. Donate it to a scrap yard for parts.
  8. Donate it to an automotive school so the mechanics who are learning about cars will have a car to tear apart and put back together. 
  9. Donate it to a company that has a fleet of vehicles.  They might be able to get some continued service from the vehicle.
  10. Donate it to a family in need who could use a vehicle.
  11. (Bonus) Sell it and give the money from the sale of the car to a charity of your choosing.

If you have any ideas or thoughts you'd like to share, please leave a comment.

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