Ideas: Social Media Uses for Politics Cont...

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Today's Topic is "Social Media Uses for Politics Cont..."

  1. Finding the best area to campaign in.
  2. Finding like valued voters to help spread your message.
  3. Finding out what topics people want to hear about.
  4. Finding out what your voters really care about.
  5. Finding out the latest, and quickest news on any given topic.
  6. Watching your competitors.
  7. Developing your strategy and message on news and current events as they happen.
  8. Finding out which voters like your message, ideals, your core values, and which one don't.
  9. Keeping a real time pulse on your message and your campaign and how it is being received by the public.
  10. Keep in contact with key voters and influencer's in real time.
If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.