Ideas: What Are Some Causes of "Fear"

Today's Topic is "What Are Some Causes of Fear".

  1. Jealousy - when we wonder why someone else has something we want and why do they get it but you don't?  Maybe your not good enough? Maybe you don't deserve it? These are the types of questions that cause Fear when Jealousy is involved.
  2. Power - when some people get it they fear they won't know what to do with it or that they might abuse it for their own agenda.  This can truly make some people fear not only themselves but also what they might do if they had just a little Power.
  3. Potential - some people Fear their own potential because if they do something great, then what are they going to do?  Can they top themselves with something else? Can they do something Great again? What if they can't do anything Great again?  These thoughts can strike Fear into some people hearts.
  4. Outside of Your Comfort Zone - No one likes to be outside of their comfort zone.  For some just seeing these 5 words will strike Fear to their very core.  Maybe if I extended myself out there I won't make it?  Maybe if I ask someone for help they will think I am weak or that I'm not a good leader? Maybe if I tried that fish I might not like it, so I better not try it and just stick with what I know.  These are the types of questions that asking yourself about your Comfort Zone could cause you some Fear.
  5. People - Everyone knows that person who looks like they could destroy you with one punch, but what about the people who look you right in the eye and tell you one thing but then do something completely different?  Who do you think people Fear more?  The big strong weightlifter guy they think can destroy them with one punch? or the person who looks just like you and I but who can tell you something to your face and then totally turn around and sell you out to meet some goal on their agenda?  I think you might be surprised who of these two people is Feared the most.
  6. Places - Sometimes a place can cause Fear in people, let me give you a few examples.  What about standing up in front of a thousand people to give a talk or speech?  How about the fear an anticipation before someone walks into a haunted house or a scary corn maze?  What about being in your basement with all of the lights turned off?  Even though the basement is yours and you've been down there a 100 before with the lights on.  Sometimes a place itself can make people Fear what might happen to them or hundreds of other things.
  7. Situations - Sometimes the things you are doing or who you might have to do them with can cause people Fear.  Just think if you were a Police officer and you have to raid a drug lab.  Standing outside the door to the drug lab waiting to go through the door. Not knowing what's on the other side of the door for sure, not knowing if the suspects will be heavily armed.  Those are some of the times when I think a situation could case someone to have some fear.
  8. The Unknown - No one likes the Unknown, and I think every person at some time in their lives has been afraid or had fear in their lives because of something they didn't know or didn't understand.
  9. Rejection - No one likes to hear the word "No", and many of  the people I have talked to Fear that word so much that there are certain things they won't even try because they are so afraid and Fear rejection so much.
  10. Risk - You often hear the saying without Risk there is no reward.  But what about the people who Fear risk so much they won't even try?  Is there never any reward for those people in life then?  Fear is a crazy thing and it affects us all differently.
What are some of your fears?  and how have you learned to overcome them?

If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.