Ideas: The Fear of Jealously

Today's Thought is "The Fear of Jealously".

  1. Why are you Jealous?
  2. What is making you Jealous?
  3. Be Thankful for who "You" are.
  4. Be Thankful for where you are in your life currently.
  5. Accept where you are currently.
  6. Be Thankful for another day to work on making your life better.
  7. Be Thankful for the struggle you are going through now. Remember only the strongest of us are tested with the biggest struggles.
  8. Know it's "OK" to strive to be like or have what others have, but be yourself, Do it your way, and don't loose yourself in the process.
  9. You can have what others have if you're willing to give up what they gave up to get it.  Are you willing to give up what they did?
  10. Remember who you are, and what's important to you in your life. Then push forward each day living "Your" life, the one that "You" choose.

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