Ideas: Fear of Getting Hurt

Today's Thought is "Fear of Getting Hurt."

  1. What's going to hurt you? Can you stop it?
  2. Who's going to hurt you? Are you going to allow them to hurt you?
  3. Do peoples words really hurt you?
  4. Does someones opinion of you really hurt you?
  5. Who has the power over you life? You? or Someone else?
  6. Make Mistakes fast, Learn quickly, Pivot (or Adjust),  then Stand back up and move forward.
  7. The old saying... Don't be ashamed of your scars. That just means that whatever tried to hurt you was weaker then you are.
  8. Besides being physically hurt by something all other hurt is only if "You" allow it.
  9. When you are hurt emotionally or mentally look inside of yourself and be thankful that there are places that other people can't touch.
  10. When you get hurt "Smile" and say is "That all you've got!!"
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