Ideas: Fear of Inadequacy

Today's Thought is "Fear of Inadequacy."

  1. Why are you feeling Inadequate?
  2. Who is making your feel Inadequate?  Is it someone else, or is it "You"?
  3. Why are you worried about what someone else thinks?
  4. What is it that they have that you think you need? or deserve? Do you need it, or deserve it?
  5. Why are you measuring yourself to someone or something else?
  6. When you look in the mirror do you think or feel like you are Inadequate?  If Yes... Why?
  7. Everything you need to do and want to be are already inside of You.
  8. Don't ever let anyone tell you that they are better then You. Because the truth is no one is better than "You".
  9. Stop comparing yourself to someone or something else. Define what success is to you then work with laser like focus to Go and Get it. "You" are the only one holding "You" back from getting what you want.
  10. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself "I am not inadequate, I have what I need, I will not measure my success against others, I will take ACTION today to achieve my success."

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