Ideas: Fear of Being Judged

Today's Thought is "Fear of Being Judged."

  1. Are you Judging? Or is someone Judging you?
  2. Why do you feel you are being Judged?
  3. Why do you think or feel that anyone even wants to judge you?
  4. Why does it matter if someone Judges "You"?
  5. What power does someone else's judgement of you have over you? None!!
  6. Are you going to let how someone else judges you, change your life?
  7. Are you willing to give someone who is judging you the power over "Your" life?
  8. If you are judging other people can you really complain about being judged yourself?
  9. If you are judging people yourself how do you ever expect to get to know them and learn what special things they have to offer you?
  10. If you're Judging others, Stop!! If you feel you are being judged does it really matter? No, ignore it and move forward don't let it take up a second of your time.

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