Ideas: Ways a Mechanic could use Social Media for Business

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Today's Thought is "Way's a Mechanic could use Social Media for Business".

While I was sitting in the shop the other day waiting on our car I started thinking to myself, Huh... I wonder how a Mechanic Shop could use Social Media to help improve their business and these are few of the ideas I came up with.

  1. Twitter - Use it to meet new people, and to get their message out about sales and specials going on at the shop.
  2. Facebook - Use it to tell "their story" about the business and to build a strong local community.
  3. Instagram - Use it to post pictures of all the great work they do and as a testimonial funnel for their work.  Also helps to build their community.
  4. Pinterest - Use to post stories from their Facebook page and website. Also allows them to showcase via pictures more of their great work.
  5. Tumblr, Wordpress, or Blogger - Use to build a "Free" website for the shop to keep their overhead costs down. Also to have a central location to send their customers to, to get general information about the shop and the services they offer.  This will also help them to start building an email list so they can let their customers know about upcoming sales and services.
  6. Google+ - Use to get conversations started with their community and also to join other communities they may be interested in.  Might even be a way to start another revenue stream by using Google Chat to help their customers "On-Line" diagnose a problem with a vehicle before they bring it into the shop.
  7. LinkedIn - Use to introduce the shop as a business and used for making professional contacts of people who might be able to help them expand their business.  Also this is a great place for them to start getting referrals and testimonies of their work.  This could also help them to start building their referral business.  Maybe the shop doesn't do certain kinds of work, but I bet they could find someone to refer their customers to via this site.
  8. Use these Social Media tools to help the shop target ideal clients for their sales, and services.
  9. Use these Social Media tools to be able to set themselves apart as an "Expert" in their local community. 
  10. With their use of Social Media it will not only allow them to expand their business and generate more revenue for the shop, but it will also allow them to become part of the community they are taking an "Active" part in building.

If you have any ideas or thoughts you'd like to share, please leave a comment.

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