Ideas: Fear of Not Being Loved

Today's Thought is "Fear of Not Being Loved."

  1. Why do you not feel Loved?
  2. Do you need someone or something to feel Loved?
  3. Why do you feel you need to be Loved?
  4. Have you allowed yourself to be Loved today? This week? This month?
  5. Have you tried "Loving" something or someone today?
  6. What have you done for Service today? or this week?
  7. Do you think Love is just something that should come to you? Because the secret is you have to "work" at Love to have Love.
  8. Why do you think others won't Love "You"?
  9. Are you "Lovable"?
  10. Why does it matter if others love you or not? Do you love the person you are on the inside?

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