Ideas: Fear of Loneliness

Today's Thought is "Fear of Loneliness."

  1. Are you every truly alone?
  2. Why do you feel if someone isn't with you every second that, that is something bad or wrong?
  3. Is your fear of not having someone to share with? or is it just truly about being alone?
  4. Have you ever been in a crowded room of people who you think are your friends but come to find out they really aren't?
  5. What about the people who say they love you, but you know deep down in your gut that they don't really love you.  Are you alone then?
  6. No one is ever truly alone.
  7. If you can look yourself in the mirror are you ever truly alone?
  8. What's wrong with having sometime to think and ponder in this day and age?  Nothing.
  9. Why can't we all slow down a little bit and realize that being alone is actually good for us from time to time.  Can you slow down when you have others around you?
  10. Loneliness very well could just be a state of mind.  Just like Boredom.  You really have to stop and think and want to be bored in order to be bored.

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