Ideas: How a Musician can use Social Media

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Today's Thought is "How a Musician can use Social Media".

  1. To spread the word or information about an album release.
  2. To drive fans to the band website.
  3. To drive fans to an online store to purchase band merchandise.
  4. It would allow the band to have one on one contact with their followers.
  5. They could use Vine or some other video capturing app from a smart phone to take "Live" video at their concert and send it out, to let all of their other followers worldwide know what they are currently missing.
  6. To target certain groups of people that would like their music.
  7. To map out their next tour by the number of fans they have in any given geographical location.
  8. To give away a free song or other merchandise to drive traffic to their website.
  9. To have the fans help them write their next song.
  10. To collaborate with other musicians and build a community around the world. 
  11. (Bonus) To drive ratings and reviews to iTunes or other music download sites.

If you have any ideas or thoughts you'd like to share, please leave a comment.


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