Ideas: How to Deal with Rejection

Today's Thought is "How to Deal with Rejection".

  1. Some see "No" as the starting point, not the ending point.
  2. Was it wrong of you to ask or offer?
  3. Just because you are told "No" doesn't mean you have to quit.
  4. Just because you were told "No" doesn't mean there is something wrong with you.
  5. Why does "No" have to be a bad word? Maybe hearing the word "No" sometimes could be the answer to your prayers.
  6. Ask and if you receive a "No" maybe now is not the right time to ask.
  7. Ask again later, if the answer is still "No" maybe your not talking to the right person, or a person who can make the decision you need made.
  8. Do you think that maybe the reason they said "No" is not because of you at all? Maybe it's because of them?
  9. If you put yourself out there, ask, and offer, and you are rejected you can always look at yourself in the mirror and know you did all you could so at that point let it go.
  10. In the end are you going to let "Rejection" stop you from achieving what you want? If you say "Yes" then you haven't learned anything from this post, please review numbers 1 through 9 again.  If you say "No" Good Job!! We are making progress.

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