Ideas: How to Deal with Failure

Today's Thought is "How to Deal with Failure."

  1. Why do you think you Failed?
  2. Is it really a Failure? or a new Opportunity?
  3. Have you accepted that you Failed? Because until you accept failure you actually haven't failed.
  4. Who told you that you failed?
  5. By who's guidelines have you failed?
  6. Change your mindset about Failure.
  7. Ponder what you did wrong today and put a plan in place to make things better tomorrow.
  8. Give yourself a couple of hours where it's OK to be upset.  Then once that time is over stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on.
  9. Look for some thing constructive from the current situation.  Accept it for what it is, Apply the Positive to your life, and Push Forward.
  10. Take Action!!

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