Ideas: Making Small "Changes" to Eat Better

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Today's Thought is "Making Small "Changes" to Eat Better."

  1. Review your current diet.  Sometimes awareness will make you notice some small things you can change right now.
  2. Review the Food Triangle.  Re-familiarize yourself with the things you should be eating and in what potions you should be eating them.
  3. Decide to drink more water. Sometimes when you feel hungry you are actually just thirsty.
  4. Decide to do 5 minutes of exercise today. And then do 5 more minutes tomorrow. Then 5 minutes the day after that.  I think you get the picture.
  5. Decide to eat one fruit a day.
  6. Decide to eat out one meal less this week.
  7. Decide to eat one vegetable today. Or decide to try a new vegetable today.  Maybe it's one you've never tried before.
  8. Take a Multivitamin daily.
  9. Cut one sugar or one dessert out today.
  10. Cut out one soda today.
  11. (Bonus) Take a walk today.  10,000 steps a day will help you loose 5 pounds even if you don't do anything else I've mentioned above.

If you have any ideas or thoughts you'd like to share, please leave a comment.

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