Ideas: 10 Ideas for Applying No-Limit Leadership to a Tech Executive

Today's Thought is "10 Ideas for Applying No-Limit Leadership to a Tech Executive".

  1. Who makes the rules in your industry? Is it "You"? If not, Why isn't it "You"?
  2. Are you happy with the success you have achieved? Or do you want more?
  3. Is what you are offering the best it can be? Or could you make it better?
  4. When you look at your company is it Agile? Fast Moving? The Top Dog in it's space? Is it leading the way? Is it a Pioneer in your industry?  If "No" to any of these questions why isn't it?
  5. As a Tech Leader do you realize that if your company isn't doing well that it isn't because of the numbers, or the staff, or the number of other things you could blame... It "All" starts with "YOU" the Leader. So stop playing the blame game and get busy Leading!! Results are what matter, not blame.
  6. Do you know what your "Vision" is for the company? Because if you don't have a crystal clear vision yourself, how do you expect anyone else in your company to be able to share you vision?
  7. Who's the most important person in your business?  If you didn't answer that with the "Customer" you need to think about that.
  8. If you want to standout in today's market, in any industry you need to have Excellent "Customer Service". Period. That is what will set you apart from all the rest.
  9. The only thing holding your back from being a better Leader is "You".
  10. If you have doubts about your abilities as a Leader or your company, remember always make a Plan, then put your plan into Action and you will notice that your doubts and fears will go away.  There can't be doubt or fear when there is a Plan in place and you are taking Action to make things happen.

What are your thoughts? Any thing you'd like to add to this list? If so please leave your ideas as a comment.

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