Ideas: How could Social Media Impact a Construction Company?

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Today's Thought is "How could Social Media Impact a Construction Company?"

  1. Use Social Media to find customers in their local area.
  2. Use it for real time updates with their clients.
  3. Use it to create "How-To" videos to help out other homeowners and to also become an "Expert" in their industry.
  4. Use it to find and meet new Land Developers so they can use those connections to get new projects.
  5. Use it to attract new clients.
  6. Share pictures of their work and their craftsmanship.
  7. Use it to find and negotiate with new supply companies. To hopefully drive the prices down. (Now who doesn't love that...)
  8. Use it for referrals.
  9. Use it to spread good testimonials from happy customers.
  10. Use it to build a community of people who can follow their process of how to build something from start to finish.

What are you thoughts on this? Any thing you'd like to add? If so please leave your ideas as a comment.

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