Ideas: 10 Ways to Improve B2B Sales

Today's Thought is "10 Ways to Improve B2B Sales".

Someone approached me the other day and asked if I had any thoughts on how they could make their B2B sales any better.  Here are few of my thoughts.

  1. Learn each others products and services.
  2. Learn each others Leadership teams and styles.
  3. Learn each others customers, and what it is they really need.
  4. Invest (Time, Money, Resources, Ideas whatever might be needed) in the relationship.
  5. Cross promote each other's products and services.
  6. Offer each other's products or services as special promotions.
  7. Use each other's services and products to help each other break into new markets.
  8. Join forces to make and offer a new product or service separate from each company.  Make it something that both of your customers will benefit from.
  9. Share resources to make different products and services that both companies can profit from.
  10. Invite each other's leadership team in-house to help resolve internal problems and/or to train your staff to have multiple ways of looking at their everyday problems.  You might be surprised what your staff comes up with if they have new way of looking at things.
  11. (Bonus) - Give back to your other business partners with either products or services they can use.

What are your thoughts on this post?  Anything you'd like to add? If so please leave a comment.

* Last but not least "Thank You" for taking the time to read this post, and for letting me share some thoughts and ideas with you today.

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