Ideas: 10 Ways to Apply the "No-Limit Leadership" Mindset to Everyday Life.

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Today's Thought is "10 Ways to Apply the "No-Limit Leadership" Mindset to Everyday Life."

  1. Who makes the "Rules" for "You"? Do you live by everyone else's rules? Do you live by the rules that were handed down to you from others or your friends?  If the answer is "Yes", why?  
  2. When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning do you like what you see? If "No" then what are you doing to change that? Think about what you need to change (All "Change" starts with an "Idea".), Make a simple "Plan", then "Take Action" on your plan to make the change.  You have to start "Being" the change you want to see if you ever expect to change.
  3. What is your "Vision" for your life? And how are you working to achieve that Vision daily? If your not crystal clear on your vision how do you ever hope to achieve it?
  4. What are your "Fears" in life?  List them down on a piece of paper, then put a "Plan" in place to "Take Action" to get rid of those fears.  Remember "All of "Your" Freedoms in this life are on the other side of "Your" Fears".
  5. Is someone telling you that you can't do something? That you aren't good enough or that you don't deserve something?  If "Yes" you need to stop listening to that person, you need to start spending less time with that person, and you need to take that person out of your inner-circle.  Life is to short not to "Live" your life.  Don't let anyone or any thing tell you that you can't achieve your goals.
  6. How have you "Served" someone else today? Don't let a day go by that you don't serve someone else.
  7. Are you "Grateful" for what you already have in your life?  Because if you aren't then don't expect anything new or additional of any worth to come into your life.  Nobody has time for people who aren't grateful.
  8. Who's really holding you back from your goals? From that dream job? From that Ferrari you want? From the women you think is beautiful across the room?  I'm sure you can come up with a million excuses or reasons for what's holding you back, but let's cut to the chase... It's only "You" that's holding your back or stopping you for getting the things you want in life. So get out of your own way and go make it happen.  "Living" your life isn't for the weak and it will never be easy, but your other option is you could always live your life like 90% of the rest of the world as a drone or a sheep.  Is that what you want to be is a drone or a sheep? I know you are better than that, so don't be like everyone else... Be "You", Live Your Life!!
  9. When you have big obstacles to overcome on your path to your goals remember to break things down into smaller, and simpler, daily tasks to achieve your goal.  If you are feeling "Overwhelmed" by your goal or vision then you haven't broken it down enough into smaller pieces that you can manage.  So instead of just stopping and saying "I can't do this because..." stop, think, break it down again, make it smaller, make it the simplest it can be, then take your next action step towards your goal. If it helps don't look at the future today, just look at the next step in front of you.
  10. Never quit on yourself!! And I mean NEVER!! Everyone else in the world will doubt you, they will mock you, they will challenge you, they will tell you some very mean and hurtful things to try to get you to stop living your dreams or achieving your goals and usually it is those people who are the closest to us that will do these very things.  When that happens remember this... Most people in this life are afraid of what they could achieve if they tried, so they choose to live with their fears and do nothing.  They make a choice each day to live that way. "You" have a choice to make each day as well. "You" can live like a sheep, or "You" can live like a lion, but don't you ever forget it is always "Your" choice to make. 

What are your thoughts on this post? Anything you'd like to add? Any Comments? If so please leave a comment.

* Last but not least "Thank You" for taking the time to read this post, and for letting me share some thoughts and ideas with you today.

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