Building Relationships and Helping People 2015 Project Wrap Up

Today is officially the last day of 2015 so I figured it was about time I got my Building Relationships and Helping People 2015 Project Wrap Up posted. (I know nothing like a squeaking in just right under a deadline.)

I know in a post that I did in November I stated that I was going to do a write up for each of the 15 people that were involved in the project and that I was going to space the write ups out over the three main sites that I write for currently which are my own site , , and 

To be honest with everyone I just ran out of time so what I'm going to do instead is, I've made a video below (My first Youtube video, so please be kind, I'll make them better as I learn more and explore this medium more I promise.) and I'm going to list below each persons picture some of my favorite things from each person that they did in 2015.

So please enjoy my video, and I hope the links below will help you to learn more about the great people I tried to get to know and help in 2015.

The list of great people that were in my project:

My favorite podcasts of 2015

Nov. 21st
Sept. 15th
Sept. 7th
July 11th
May 27th
Jan 22nd

If you don't know Warren then you must of never read a newspaper in the last 20 years.  They don't call him the Oracle of Omaha for nothing. This man is a living legend in the Financial and Investing world.

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