Building Relationships and Helping People 2016

(The year of Disruptive Thinking)

I'm not sure how many of you followed my BR&H 2015 efforts, but for those of you who didn't you missed out. 
What I've been working on for the last 2 years is selecting people at the start of the new year and working on "Building a Relationship" with them and "Helping them" in some way within the year.
Last year I selected 15 (It started out 10, but I went a little overboard with it and decided to add 5 more people to the list just because they are all great people I wanted to learn from.) people who I wanted to have as virtual mentors and to learn from. 

Of those 15 people I selected I built really good relationships with 2 of them and was able to help 4 of them with one of their major initiatives last year.
I know what you're thinking he choose 15 to engage with and he only built relationships with 2 and was only able to help 4 of them with their efforts last year... That doesn't sound like to good of an outcome.
And my response would be to take a look at the 15 people I chose for 2015, and once you do I think getting to know 2 really well and being able to help 4 is not so bad.
But what does that have to do with this year? 
I'm going to do it all over again. But with some changes this time. 
What I learned from last year was that 15 was just to many to try and work on at one time
I learned that some people are just more willing to engage then other people. 
I learned that some people just aren't going to see the value you can bring to them until they know who you are.
So I changed it up this year and what I'm doing is I have selected 5 people this year, and I'm coming up with a very specific theme for myself for this year to help me focus. 
My goal is still going to be the same of "Building a Strong Relationship" with these people and also to "Help" each of them in some way in 2016. But my personal focus will be a little different and that's why I chose these 5 people.
This years theme for me is going to be "Disruptive Thinking", and these 5 people I know will help me see things in a different way. 
I'm excited to get started building a relationship with these 5 people and I can't wait to learn from them and also to find a way to help each of them in 2016.

My 5 people this year are:

Jay Samit:

Shane Snow:

James Altucher:

Ryan Holiday:

Robert Greene:

So if you didn't follow my journey last year, I hope you will join me and follow my journey this year. 
I'm sure it will be a wild and exciting ride as always and I'm looking forward to learning, and helping each of these great people.

*If by chance you choose to do your own journey this year with people that you want to learn from please leave me a comment and tell me who you've chosen. I'd love it if you'd let me follow your journey in 2016.

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