12 New Technology Trends for 2016

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I was reading an article this morning in Entrepreneur Magazine about 12 TechnologyTrends that will drive conversations over the next year.

The article was very informative about the new technologies that were just displayed at the Mobile World Congress event. (It was held in Barcelona this year, I knew I should have went.) It brought together over 100,000 people and had 2,200 companies that had exhibits at the event. Definitely something you want to check out in the future if you are in the world of tech.
From this article these are some of the new technologies that interested me.
Tech companies are trying a new model to launch products. Instead of launching products to individual end users / customers they are now trying to launch them into ecosystems instead. So far the leaders in this new thought process are LG, Samsung, and Sony. This will be an interesting thing to watch and see how it evolves. I hadn’t thought about not selling a product to a certain customer, and instead trying to sell it to a certain group or type of customer.
Mobile Payment Technology – According to the article Mastercard is currently looking at ways to authorize payments via biometrics as in your fingerprint or with a selfie. They are also looking at ways to allow you to make payments and purchase things from the touchscreen in your car.
e-SIM cards – This embedded SIM card technology would allow devices to switch between data carriers without having to physically switch devices or SIM cards. The Samsung Gear S2 3G Smartwatch is supposed to be one of the first devices to house one of these cards and utilize this technology.
Low Power Wide Area Networks - This technology is making it possible for large geographic areas to be outfitted with enough data connectivity (ie. Narrow Bandwidth) for Internet of Things rollouts.
So what are your thoughts on these technologies?
Do any of these technologies interest you or influence your work?
What other new technologies are out there that my community is aware of?

Share it with me, I’d love to hear more about it.

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