Apathy Kills

This post today is going to be very short. 


Let me be very blunt and to the point about this. If you don't want to do something then don't do it. 

Part of the problem we have today as a whole is that most don't care. Apathy is running rampant in our culture today. Period. 

The apathic don't care about their life, their goals, or the others around them. 

So in turn they are negative and do nothing but become takers and judge others in this life. 

Even though these people refuse to see themselves this way because their problems are always going to bigger or worse then anyone else's problems. 

We all know who they are. 

So do us all a favor and if you are only apathic about something or someone in your life just Dont Do It!!

To model Yoda:

Live or Don't Live, there is no Try

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