Simplicity is the New Science


This post is going to be short as I just wanted to share a few quick ideas I had from my reading this morning.

Think of the true value that can be brought to people if “You” understand something that is complex so well that you can explain and teach that complex thing to them in a very simple way.

Some areas that instantly came to my mind where:

• Physics
• Law
• Healthcare
• I.R.S. Taxes
• I.T. Security
• Computer Programming
• Marketing
• Sales
• Parenting
• Sciences

So if you’re looking for a new business idea, or a new adventure in your life don’t say I never gave you anything.   

Here are 10 areas in most people’s lives that if you could make them simpler in some way you would have more than a captivated audience to listen to what you were trying to teach.

*What other areas would you add to this list?  What are some things you would like to know about in your life if they were simpler to understand?

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