Surf Boards and Big Data

This morning I was listening to the Tim Ferriss ( @tferriss ) podcast and his guest was Josh Waitzkin. 

For those of you who may not be familiar with Josh he is the gentleman who the movie "Searching for Bobby Fisher" was made after. He is a Chess Grandmaster, Martial Artists, Educator, and Personal Coach to High Level Athletes and Individuals. 

In the conversation this morning they mentioned an idea about surfers who trade board with other high level surfers and how by doing so they are able to find new styles of riding and also new lines in the waves they surf. 

This of course is achieved through the ability to have an open mind and a willingness to learn and see things from many different views and perspectives outside of their own set methods and styles. 

This also let them draw some correlations between the things they know and already do well, and new things they didn't know and needed to work on or explore. 

So that got me to thinking about Big Data. 

What about instead of collecting and analyzing big data for a predetermined variable or answer, we looked at the data and used it to help us connect the dots across many different disciplines or areas? 

Maybe there are similarities across areas we never thought were connected? 

Or maybe there are key things that link many things together we've just never knew about. 

Just think what we might find in the areas of:


The possibilities are limitless really. 

What do you think we could figure out if we let the data drive the dots and the answers?

What would big data be like if instead of looking at big data as an analyst we looked at big data as explorers?

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